$ whois
$ cat ~/contacts
- github.com/truemedian
- truemedian@gmail.com
$ cat ~/projects

hzzp repository zig

An I/O agnostic, allocation free HTTP/1.1 parser and encoder for Zig.

wz repository zig

An I/O agnostic, allocation free Websocket 1.3 parser and client for Zig.

lua-extensions repository lua

A set of extensions to the Lua standard library that provide abstractions that I've come across and found useful.

tres repository zig

A extension to the Zig standard json parser that allows for partially unpacking a json value into a structure.

luvit-bin repository sh

Provides github releases for platforms that the Luvit project itself no longer provides prebuilt binaries for.

rethink-luvit repository lua

A rethinkdb database driver for the Luvit environment.

luvit-lfs repository lua

A drop in replacement for the popular lfs module for the Luvit environment.
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